Leather goods that you can make and repair yourself?
It’s all yurs!

about yurs

Designed to be made by you, yurs offers a variety of DIY leather kits made of pre-cut vegetable tanned leather and delivered with an assembly tutorial. All you need to make your bag is your hands and a sprinkle of your magic!

Thanks to their reversible design, the bags can be easily disassembled. Meaning you can swap out any worn out piece and replace it in minutes.

Unisex, timeless and repairable, yurs helps you create a quality leather bag that will accompany urban dwellers durably.


“I needed a bag that fit my lifestyle: practical without being boring, timeless but also edgy and, most importantly, easy to repair.”

how it started

The story behind yurs is intimately tied to its founder and designer's journey. Sabine Boghossian, hailing from Aleppo, Syria, has spent the last decade balancing her life between Beirut and Brussels. And as it happens, yurs has been her steadfast companion throughout her adventures in both of these vibrant cities.

With an emphasis on a concise supply chain and a transparent production process, she harnesses local resources to imagine and design leather goods that cater to specificities of both cities.

(transparency in yurs)

Our bags are crafted from Italian vegetable tanned leather only. No gluing, no stitching, no metal piece and no materials traveling across the globe.

One-material, one-stop production process. That's it.