yurs' bags are designed to keep your precious belongings safe while you go about your day-to-day life... Don't forget to take care of them in return!

(natural leather, raw finish)

Made of natural leather, the items’ subtle variations in the hide texture and colour are normal. They give each and every bag its unique character and shouldn't be considered as flaws.

Vegetable-tanned nude leather is particularly sensitive to environmental conditions. Exposure to sunlight and use will affect its colour. The leather will look tanned in the beginning but it will become homogeneous and acquire a unique patina over time.

The items are unlined, therefore presence of occasional leather shavings in the early stages of use is to be expected. It won't compromise the quality or longevity of your leather product.

(regular maintenance)

Leather is a natural porous material and it needs to breathe. To do so, it should be clean. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dust and dirt on a regular basis.

To avoid stains and protect your item from wear and tear, we suggest applying protective leather beeswax twice a year. We recommend this maintenance kit from our friends at ERRO.

Whenever rain, snow, or excess moisture gets on your leather item, use a dry cloth to blot moist spots as quickly as possible and let it air-dry.

Be careful not to place your leather bag near a heat source, such as a radiator, heater, or in the clothes dryer, as heat will damage the leather.

(be careful with black leather)

Black leather may rub off on clothes during the first few uses. This is a common occurrence with black leather products and is a result of the natural dyeing process. We recommend avoiding light-colored clothes during the first few uses, just to be safe.

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