A transparent, essential, and sustainable production process using natural leather only.

It's all about simplicity: one material, one-stop production process.

That's the whole story.

(local vegetable-tanned leather) 

Free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, yurs core collection is made of vegetable tanned leather produced by LWG Gold certified tanneries.

Using certified European leather for items sold in Europe and locally-sourced Lebanese leather for those available in Lebanon, yurs goods are produced locally in both Belgium and Lebanon.

(produced responsibly)

No gluing, no stitching, no metal pieces, no materials travelling across the globe and (almost) no labour!

Maximizing the material's natural qualities, yurs leverages the innate strength and adaptability of leather to offer long-lasting goods.

Digitally cut without any other component or transformation, your reliable daily companion has a streamlined production with as little environmental impact as possible.

(built to last)

Don't be afraid to use your leather companion daily, they're built to last.

Disassemble your bag by hand and replace any worn-out pre-cut leather piece with ease, thanks to yurs' unique reversible assembly system.

Be your bag's personal repair expert and extend its lifespan within minutes.

core collection